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Alexandra Battezzati - L'Arbre Majestueux
EUR €3,900.00
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Acrylic painting on canvas, Size 120 * 120 cm, Unique work - signed by the artist
The Majestic Tree, Collection "Trees" 2019 by Alexandra Battezzati 
"His paintings invariably invoke nature, in all its splendor, a powerful presence and simple, without artifice.The waves break up evoking the strength of the elements and the colored stones with the thousand shards are an ode to the
light.Light being the main subject of his paintings, scintillating and modeling the relief or the bark, piercing the through the clouds, caressing the trees, from their roots to their branches and in the changing reflections of water.The color emerges from shadow, black and gray, in a flamboyant sunrise and a impression of heat invades you. "
Technique: Original acrylic on canvas 
Size: 120 * 120 cm
Edition: Single work, signed by the artist
Framing: Unframed artwork
Alexandra Battezzati is a French painter born in 1980. She lives and works in Nice.
- To know more about the artist Alexandra Battezzati go on his biography, next to the picture. -
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Year: 2019
Dimensions (cm): 120*120 cm
Medium: Canvas
Component.s: Acrylic
Style.s: Contemporary Art
Theme.s: Nature

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