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Edvard Munch - Le cri/The scream 1895 - Version colorée
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Lithograph 8 colors from Original Drawing "LE CRI / THE SCREAM, 1895" on Arches Vellum Paper, Certified and numbered Lithograph from 2017 from Edvard Munch's Original Drawing "LE CRI, 1895" (Origine : Munch Museum, Oslo (Norway)
In 1895, the first prints of this lithograph were printed in Berlin in black and white, although the practice of color was experienced in large Parisian lithography workshops, it was used very little in Germany. Munch thus in a 1st time, CRY presented in black on which he later added different color combinations in his hand. he thus transformed his prints into works of art unique, comparable to his paintings.
the original work is actually a series of five works (three paintings, a pastel and a lithograph) made between 1893 and 1917.
To understand the works of Munch, it is important to know certain elements of his life. at an early age, he was confronted with illness and death - his mother and one of his sisters were swept away by illness while still a child. The illness continued Munch all his life, being himself of weak constitution; he was always afraid of death and was subject to many episodes of depression. His expressionism is thus marked by the desire to symbolize human emotions - especially anxiety and pain. The Cry is also part of the "Friesian Life" constituted by Munch himself, a series of paintings that form an allegory of the unfolding of life, from birth to death.
As in 1895, the colorized version was entirely made by hand thus making each copy of this lithography unique. Each color and its location have been carefully studied in respect of the original work.
 Size 65.0 x 49.0 cm / 25.6 x 19.3 in
Technique: Lithography in 8 colors
Drawing & color printing by color on lithographic press.
Paper: vellum arches 270g
Edition: Work numbered and limited to 50 copies
Signature: Signed & numbered in pencil by the lithographer. Dry stamp of the publisher and the lithography workshop.
Certificate of authenticity of the publisher: yes
Edvard Munch is an artist painter - engraver born in 1863 in Ådalsbruk, Norway and died in 1944 in Oslo. He is undoubtedly the best-known artist of the Scandinavian countries, recognized as one of the precursors of Expressionist painting.
His best known works, "The Scream" and "The Madonna", mark the pinnacle of his talent, in the 1890s. His recognized paintings make him a famous artist in Europe and around the world. The themes of death, sadness and illness that punctuated his life and that of his family permeate his paintings. 
 NOTE: the draw is complete, the die is systematically destroyed after use. The printing of the drawing is done only once, in respect of the number of prints announced. 

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Year: 2017
Dimensions (cm): 65x49
Medium: Paper
Prints Technique: Lithography
Style.s: Contemporary Art
Additional description: Unique work signed and certified by the artist
Theme.s: War

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