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Eric Khellas - Le Cimetière
EUR €1,950.00
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Acrylic on Canvas, Size 97 * 130cm, Original artwork - Certified and signed by the artist _
The Cemetery, Eric Khellas (2014)
Day2Day Gallery: "Eric paints by superimposing layers of paint to give depth to his paintings works. Then he uses sponges and rags to reinforce the intensity of the acrylic. The use of the knife allows him to find a raw gesture, to structure the space by giving more intensity and energy to the colors. He particularly appreciates the saturation of these colors and the sometimes garish contrasts. Eric favors the marriage of opposites (horizontal and vertical lines, warm and cold tones ...). In his abstract compositions, the rigor of the geometric lines contrasts violently with the intensity of the colors. Bright and luminous, his works shine from within in a harmonious harmony of perfectly controlled tones. "
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 97 * 130 cm
Print: Single work, signed and certified by the artist
Framing: Framed work, unframed
- To know more about the artist Eric Khellas, go to his biography, next to the picture. -
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Year: 2014
Dimensions (cm): 97*130cm
Medium: Canvas
Component.s: Acrylic
Style.s: Contemporary Art
Theme.s: Abstract

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