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Guti - Droit au but
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Spray paint and acrylic on canvas, Size 50 * 50cm, unique work, signed by the artist _
Gourmandise, directed 2015 Guti
Guti: "The expression of free figuration is a way to live the moment."
"In an instinctive creation, the sprayed colors are the way he likes, in the manner of New York expressionism.The posca is the tool with which he emphasizes and specifies them.The movement, in a universe always . changing the characteristic
thus Guti offers us the explosiveness of his animal Graffé universe, and who loves collecting, expressive freedom and offset imaginary "
Technique: spray and acrylic paint on toile 
Format: 50 * 50 * 2 cm
Edition: Single work, hand signed by the artist
Framing: Work on frame, unframed
Guti is from Nancy, and has been living in Montpellier for about ten years. Bathed very early in a diverse urban culture, and from the age of 13, he practiced urban art very early on in roller skating. It will be on all available supports that he will devote himself to his desire for colors (canvases, skateboards...), going so far as to sculpt the metal to free his creativity.
For Guti, free figurative expression is a way of living the present moment. In an instinctive creation, pulverized colors are the means he likes, like New York expressionism. The posca is the tool with which he underlines and specifies them. Movement, in an ever-changing universe, characterizes him. This is how Guti offers us the explosiveness of his graffitied animal universe. Guti's works offer, to those who like to perceive it, expressive freedom and an imaginary shift.

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Year: 2015
Artist: Guti
Dimensions (cm): 50*50*2 cm
Medium: Canvas on stretcher
Component.s: Acrylic
Frame: Unframed
Style.s: Contemporary Art
Additional description: Oeuvre unique, signée par l'artiste
Theme.s: Cartoon

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