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Jef Aerosol - Petite fille au papillon
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Stencil on cut wood
"Little girl with the butterfly" by Jef Aerosol.

• ABOUT THE WORK: "Little girl with a butterfly" by Jef Aerosol
Stencil on cut wood
Size : 85 X 45 cm (thickness: 4 cm)

• ABOUT THE ARTIST : Jef Aerosol
Jean-Francois Perroy, better known under the pseudonym Jef Aerosol; was born in Nantes (France) in 1957. He is a French urban stencil artist; one of the main promoters of the first generation of street artists.
He started working the streets in the early '80s.
Underlined with a red arrow, the artist's signature, portraits of personalities such as Elvis Presley, Gandhi, Basquiat, or Lennon, as well as the silhouettes of anonymous people in the street, appear through a two-tone palette on city walls.
The aim of the 1980s.

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Year: 2019
Dimensions (cm): 85 X 45 cm
Medium: Wood
Component.s: Aerosol - Spray
Technique.s: Stencil
Style.s: Street Art
Additional description: Unique artwork signed by the artist
Theme.s: Portrait

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