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Nicolaï - Baigneuses
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Airbrushed acrylic painting on canvas, Size 100 * 100cm, Single work, signed by the artist _
Bathers, Collection 2019 by Nicolai
"Summer seaside scene with two young bathers with this palette full of life and warmth.
The artist's pictorial work is like photography, but it's not photography, his airbrush painting gives a pixellated character to his works, and this resolutely contemporary touch is a singular signature of the artist. painter. "
Technique: Airbrushed acrylic painting on canvas
Size: 100 * 100 cm (non-framed)
Print: Single work, signed by the artist
Framing: Canvas on framed frame - crate American black
Nicolaï (Nicolas Bigo) is a painter born in Lille, France in 1955. 
Nicolai stages recurring themes: architectures, animals, plants in a strange and timeless atmosphere, and lays q uestion of the confinement of man in his urban and contemporary solitude. His works are present in the collections of the National Fund of Contemporary Art and the Lille Métropole Museum of Modern Art, Contemporary Art and Art Brut.
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Year: 2019
Dimensions (cm): 100*100 cm
Medium: Canvas on stretcher
Component.s: Acrylic
Frame: Wooden frame
Style.s: Contemporary Art
Additional description: Unique work signed and certified by the artist
Theme.s: Holidays , Society

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