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Nolwenn Samson - Don't put baby on the corner
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Acrylic and resin painting on canvas, Size: 200 * 150 cm, Unique work - signed and certified by the artist
Nolwenn Samson - 2018
The colors and universe of Nolwenn Samson transport us. His work is unique, colorful and meticulous.
"Nolwenn Samson loves to paint blondes, not pretty idiots, but rather violent girls, men are brown, preferably bearded, and not nice either, the artist's universe is full of characters. seemingly unsavory. "
Technique: acrylic painting & resin on canvas
Size: 200 * 150 cm
Print: Single work, signed on the back and certified by the artist
Nolwenn Samson a painter born in France in 1979. 
It transports us by its universe and its colors, as much on the local as international market. Views on the galleries galleries and exhibition venues based between Paris, Marseille and Miami, his paintings are now in the auction rooms.
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Year: 2018
Dimensions (cm): 200*150
Medium: Canvas
Component.s: Acrylic
Style.s: Contemporary Art
Additional description: Unique work signed and certified by the artist
Theme.s: Cartoon

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