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Valérie Le Roux - Feuille bleue
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"Silkscreen, Size 65 * 92 cm, Limited artwork, numbered and signed by the artist 2018
""Reconciling regional inspiration and contemporary spirit, it's not so common, Valérie Leroux can do it.Ceramist but not that ... The support would be just an excuse to install a line that reads flat as well as on volumes.So silkscreen or ceramic this look effective and so poetic on our seaside, you will install a bowl of fresh air beyond our beautiful Britain.The line moderation is not synonymous with minimalism in this work that puts the flora in motion. ""
Technique: Silkscreen 
Format: 65 * 92 cm
Year: 2018
Edition: Work limited to 50 ex. - numbered and signed
Valérie Le Roux is a visual artist and ceramist from Brittany.
His creations are recognized by all, his style is his own, declined on any support; canvas, faience, bottles and other dishes, but also on fabric. 
She feeds her work and is inspired by Brittany, which she keeps close to her: the sea, the boats, the beach, the coast ... Fish, crabs, seaweed, reproduced in her favorite colors : blue! red! orange and grays!

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Year: 2018
Dimensions (cm): 65*92
Prints Technique: Screen print
Additional description: Limited artwork, numbered and signed by the artist.

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