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Véronique Kraemer - Rasta Ève
EUR €1,250.00
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Acrylic painting on canvas, Size 100 * 80cm, Unique original work - certified and signed by the artist -
Rasta Eve, by Véronique Kraemer (2017)
Day2Day Gallery: "Jean-Michel Basquiat, said:" I start an image and I finished. I do not think about art when I work. I try to think of life. "
The design of Veronica finally seems close to that of Basquiat. Her sensitivity leads her to live her art in a space between romanticism and realism, the abstract and the figurative. Her painting feeds on feelings of freedom, nature and feminism. Above all, painting remains for her an intimate and intimate experience that she seeks to share.
Véronique's work thus oscillates between narrative figuration and lyrical abstraction. She imagines paintings that interrogate the body as a source of sensation and raw emotions to go beyond codes. His creations seem to be a reflection of inner conversations. They plunge her into a world where everything that time has made disappear seems to come back to life. They are charged with questions about his identity, his relationship with the divine and the sacred. But above all, they open a door on the dimension of the metamorphosis of the invisible that the hand of the artist reveals. The entanglements and links present in Véronique's work are only a pretext to evoke uprooting and duality, this is her thread ... The characters who escape her confront her with her roots and her relationship to world.
The woman, the breath, the myths are so many themes that vibrate through her work also influenced by the primitive arts. "
Technique: Acrylic paint on canvas
Size: 100 * 80 cm 
Print: Work unique, signed by the artist
Framing: Unframed artwork
To learn more about the artist Vero Kraemer, visit his biography: next to the picture.
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Year: 2017
Dimensions (cm): 100*80cm
Medium: Canvas
Component.s: Acrylic
Style.s: Contemporary Art
Theme.s: Nude

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